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10 Hidden Features – Part 2

Facebook’s business model has evolved many times since it was started by Zuckerberg. It now includes a mobile site, messenger app, and many other associated apps. Facebook is still preferred by many, and why not? It is one of the most advanced public-facing websites out there. Take a look at the five other facebook features that you might not have known existed on Facebook.

6. Emojis are on Facebook

Yes, Facebook has Emojis! You can use them in wall posts, chats, and comments, but they don’t always seem to render in mobile. You can find a full run-down of Facebook emoticons here. In the meantime, here are a few to get you started:

(y) = thumbs-up ‘like’ symbol

(^^^) = a great white shark

:|] = a robot

:poop: = well, you know

<(“) = a penguin

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 7. Unfollow Not Unfriend

Are you annoyed with your friend that posts too many pictures of their kids or animals? How about the uncle that goes on political rants all the time? Instead of them becoming offended that you unfriended them (even though they offend you with all of their updates) there is an alternative that keeps you in their good graces. You can unfollow them. It is just like unfriending them except they still think that you are friends on Facebook. After you do that you will never have to see their posts again, unless you specifically go to their page. You can unfollow someone by clicking the little arrow in the top-right corner to follow or unfollow specific people on their profile pages.

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8. Save Posts For Later

Did you ever want to read a link that a friend shared on Facebook, but didn’t have the time? Then, when you finally want to, you forgot about it? If that is you then you should get acquainted with Facebook’s “Save for Later” function.

If there’s anything you want to save for later, click the little arrow in the top-right of any post. Then click the Save “[name of story]” button from the pull-down. This will send the link to your Saved folder. “Where’s your Saved folder”? You won’t see it until you save something for the first time. Then you will see a little “saved” ribbon in your left-hand favorites bar. Click that and you will find all your favorite stories.

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9. See Friends’ Friendships

When you see a post that a friend posted on another friend’s wall, you will have the ability to see a detailed history of their friendship or yours. Just click the little arrow in the top right hand of that post and then click “More Options.” There, you will see the “see friendship” option.

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10. Embed Public Content

Like other social media sites, Facebook allows you to embed publicly available content on your webpage. Just click the pull-down menu in the top right of the file and click “embed” to place the code wherever you’d like.

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