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10 HR Pros You Must Follow

As you know Twitter is a giant social media network that allows people to network with each other in a matter of seconds. If you have been using Twitter for a while you probably have a few people that you enjoy connecting with because they offer great content and advice. If you like to keep yourself in the Human Resources loop, we wanted to share with you a few HR Pros that we follow regularly.


Trish McFarlane – @TrishMcFarlane

Trish McFarlane is an HR pro who co-founded HR Revolution and is also the co-host of HR Happy Hour radio show. She is a Human Resources enthusiast and tweets all the time, sharing great content with her followers!

Mervyn Dinnen – @MervynDinnen

Mervyn is a London-based HR blogger who not only tweets his own content from the Human Resources world, but who also knows a lot of people that share great content in this industry. He also helps Recruiters and HR with content marketing & social engagement strategy. You should definitely follow Mervyn!

Steve Browne – @sbrownehr

Steve is a great guy from Ohio. From the first look at his profile picture, you can tell he is a very optimistic happy person. Steve is a very active Twitter user and blogger who informs his followers know about the latest and greatest happenings in HR, such as conferences, interesting blog posts and the occasional chats. Steve will be sure to keep you informed!

John Sumser – @JohnSumser

If you are looking for some HR Tech advice, this guy has you covered. John is always up-to-date on the latest HR Tech out there and knows what works well and what doesn’t. John is also the Editor at, HRExaminer.

Christopher Dremers – @ChristopherinHR

Christopher is an avid Twitter user. Christopher likes to share content for everyone. Follow him for a while and you will be clicking on all of his links. Take a look at his blog for more great content!

Robin Schooling – @RobinSchooling

First of all, if you haven’t met Robin in person, you are missing out! Her personality shows right through on her social media outlets but getting to know her first hand is the best! Robin is the Managing Director @SilverZebras, she is an HR Strategist, speaker, blogger and like she put so subtly in her Twitter profile- “Who Dat”, a Saints fan! Give Robin a follow and if you have the chance to meet her grab a drink with her and pick her brain she is one smart lady!

Suzanne Lucas – @RealEvilHRLady

Despite her profile handle, Suzanne is definitely not evil! She provides amazing content to her followers and her blog is filled articles that will “demystify your Human Resources Department, one question at a time.” Suzanne provides us all of this great content from Basel, Switzerland where she resides.

Kathleen de Lara – @kathleendelara

Kathleen is responsible for all the content on the Entelo’s blog. She is an expert in recruiting and shares the best content on her own timeline. If you’re in the HR or recruiting space check her our to get key tips on how to step up your game!

Kate Russell – @KateRussellHR

Kate has been nicknamed the “HR Headmistress”.  She is an employment law trainer and HR advisor to business owners and HR professionals. Kate has expertise in all areas of Human Resources and shares all of her knowledge on her blog as well as her social media outlets.

Johnny Campbell – @socialtalent

Johnny likes to say in his Twitter profile that he has been, “Turning Recruiters into Sourcing Ninjas since 2010.”Johnny Campbell is another recruiter with a ton of great tips and advice. Johnny’s tweets could definitely help your HR Department out! Start following him already.