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10 Things You Don’t Know (but should) About Maren Hogan

MarenBirthdayGirl1) It’s her birthday today!

We thought we’d kick off Maren’s 29th Birthday today with some fun facts about her that you may not know! Can you tell we miss her? Well, she’s been away traveling the world for an entire month, and we’re having separation anxiety to the max. We miss our mama duck on our daily Red Branch Walkabout, but we are so glad she gets to enjoy her special day celebrating with her family in New York City!

So help us wish our leading lady Happy Birthday! Follow their #HoganWorldTour and send her a quick Happy Birthday on Twitter or Facebook to tell her just how fabulous she is!


P.S. – A big thanks to Courtney for compiling this crazy list!


Seaweed Chips2) She is ridiculously OBSESSED with Seaweed Chips. 

This is her desk. She orders these in bulk, and stinks up our office.





Oh yeah Maren, your desk is up For Lease!

Singing Maren3) She’s a karaoke superstar.





Maren actually can rock it out. She even tried out for American Idol one time, and she is friends with Sara Bareilles. Kind of.


Bullriding Maren4) Surprisingly enough (‘cause she falls a   lot), she’s a yogi.


5) A bargain makes her happier than cheese…well, those might be a tie.


6) If you ever piss her off, a big bag of Jalapeño Cheddar Cheetos is all you need to send. For real.

Maren's Dads7) She has two great dads; one is a playwright and the other is a retired AF Officer. 

Are things starting to make more sense?

Sunglass Maren8) She’s a sunglasses, boots and jeans hoarder.

No, really. It’s a serious problem.


9) She can make the best homemade curry you’ve ever had.

Maren is Banned10)She got banned from the local fish fry this year.

Too much smiling, way too friendly, excessive partying, conduct unbecoming for a mother of three, married to a smart a**, nuisance to her neighborhood, has a wiener dog, and constant wine-ing!

***Contact fish fry committee if you see or hear her!!!***





Happy Birthday Maren!

– Love your Branchers