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20 Ways to Become a Better Professional in the New Year

This week was insane. Red Branch Media and its clients published 20 articles jam packed of HR, hiring, recruiting and management advice. There even are still a few articles with some advice for 2015. You can read them all in the Red Branch Media Weekend Update. Don’t forget to pass it along to your social friends!


Check out this week’s highlights in the #RedBranchWeekly

New Year Advice

5 Things You Need on Your New Year Talent Management Checklist   |   Reviewsnap on TLNT

2015: The Year of the Recruiting Culture   |   Broadbean

10 Recruiting Pitfalls to Avoid in 2015   |   GreenJobInterview

2015 To Do List: 4 Recruiting Business Intelligence Priorities    |   Broadbean


HR & Management

What is Stacked Ranking? Should You Use It?   |   ClearCompany

Warm Up Your Office with These 7 Employee Engagement Tips   |   Herd Wisdom

The One Thing All Professionals Can Agree With    |    Marenated

Starting a New Business: How Technology Can Help You Streamline the Process   |   Marenated

5 Traits That “Great Place to Work” Employers Have   |   ClearCompany

#FirstInHR: How to Recruit and Hire Like a Pro   |   Recruiterbox

What are Good Communication Skills and Why Do We Need Them?    |   Visibility Software


Recruiting & Hiring

Lights, Camera, Action! Video Interviewing Tips for Both Sides of the Camera [Infographic]   |   GreenJobInterview

Modernizing Recruiting: Automation and Other Tools   |   Recruiterbox

5 Ways to Search for the Ever-Elusive Candidate   |   Marenated

3 Hiring Headaches: Too Many, Too Few and Poor Quality   |   Recruiterbox

Employer Brand Doesn’t Depend on Just One Candidate Experience    |   GreenJobInterview

Hiring Veterans: 4 Reasons a Vet is Your Best Bet   |   Visibility Software

The Mobile Workforce is Here to Stay   |   Visibility Software

How to Get Hired: an Insider’s Perspective   |   Recruiterbox