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3 Common HR Issues

Originally posted on Recruiter.com December 9, 2013.

Are you Having these 3 Common HR Department Issues?

medium_6779884645This one goes out to HR pros and management alike. We have some issues here, and I do meanwe. I ran into an HC Magazine article that brought up some great insights into HR-management issues from both sides. I love niche sites like this, because the comments usually end up being just as interesting and insightful as the post!

You Hired Them? Seriously, Them?

The HC article states that 58 percent of line managers referred to the hiring, promoting and resource planning process of their HR team as “convoluted and inefficient.” Fifty-six percent believed that they could make such decisions better and faster if HR were to share more information with them. As I read on, it was interesting to find that the HR professionals polled believe that empowering mangers to make people decisions is a top priority. The source of disconnect was pinpointed by a reader, Amit Singh, who got his stats from an Anderson & Koilarry study:

“If I run another survey to highlight how ineffective business managers are in people related in managing people, what you would get is even worse. Here is a study…

1. Percentage of business managers who are serious about people issues: 91%
2. Percentage of business managers who are serious about people issues even when there needs to be a trade off (small bits) in the profits: 9%

Interestingly, the 9 % were given feedback on being too people friendly and losing sight of the big picture…” Read more…