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3 Reasons We Woke Up Like THIS


No, we’re not tootin’ our own horns. Well, kind of. But that’s okay, because Beyonce told us to. Ladies, tell ’em! We may be exhausted from this week (and by we… I mean the people who actually went to Vegas), but no matter how tired we are this morning; we’re feeling good! We had an amazing week at Red Branch Media, whether we attended #HRTechConf or stayed here in good ol’ Omaha, everyone worked hard and accomplished a lot.

We launched our new blog…

and went crazy (especially me) over how much more awesome it is than our old one. If you haven’t seen all the changes yet, you should check out our article “Have You Seen Our New Look?” to get better acquainted. Our client, GreenJobInterview, had a huge week too! They gave away a Fiat at the HR Tech Conference and announced their new hiring platform with Mettl Assessments. Take a look at the press release here for more information on what this new hiring platform entails.

We published #HRTechConf content we’re super proud of…

and we tried some new things! You can take a look at the posts listed below under the #HRTechConf & #InfluenceHR Highlights. Maren published a comical, yet truthful article about the 5 different types of HR Tech Conference Attendees, Eric made a playlist perfect for the week in Vegas, I pulled together the top 10 Twitter moments from the hashtag (since I had to vicariously live through my Twitter newsfeed this week) and we even featured a guest article from Talent Tribune (which was amazing by the way)!

And for the third reason…

We put out all of this amazing content for our clients! It’s divided up into categories so that you can find what you’re looking for easier, and we promise there’s something in here for everyone. A hot topic we focused on this week had to do with micromanagers. ClearCompany examined the differences between leaders and micromanagers, and GreenJobInterview focused on how micromanaging-hiring managers (that’s a mouthful) can use video interviewing to help alleviate their micromanaging ways. There’s so much more… but I’ll let you see it for yourself!

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