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#RedBranchWeekly: 3 Things to Help You Stay Organized

By Stevie Howard:

In the world of HR and recruiting, we know it’s a struggle to stay organized and on top of everything going on around you. From planning possible events to engaging with candidate hopefuls, it’s a wonder you can keep your head on straight! But, that’s where these amazing resources come in handy!

Below we have the latest resources from industry leaders such as CyberGrants and Talent Tech Labs to help you organize all your duties within just a few simple systems including a Google Drive calendar, ATS systems and much more. Take a look and give your workload the boost it needs!

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person looking through photos on their computerCyberGrants: A Monthly Calendar for Corporate Philanthropy Success

CyberGratns has lots of resources that fit the bill for making the perfect CSR strategy, but their latest one is bound to help you organize and plan like never before so you can ensure that your CSR strategy stays on the right track.


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employees looking over dataTalent Tech Labs: Matt Charney On Avoiding The Graveyard Of CRM Systems

In this latest article, Matt Charney helps you when determining if your approach to customer relationships is the right one, identifying the difference between CRM and ATS systems and making sure you aren’t getting stuck in the graveyard of CRM systems. Take a look…


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employees talking around a tableWCN: Assessing Campus Recruitment Event Effectiveness

We all have thriving campus recruitment strategies, but sometimes when something is going really well, we don’t examine it as closely as we should. Here’s what you should be doing to properly assess your recruiting event effectiveness…


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