3 Ways to Optimize Your Resume For An ATS

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Originally posted on Recruiter.com October 30, 2013.

Get Your Resume Seen: Optimize Your Resume for an ATS

medium_3505849337Since our first typewriter resume, things have changed just a wee bit. We started off with a simple format and recipe for a great resume. Then, the bar was raised when we took a deeper look at how recruiters and hiring managers scan and digest the information in resumes. Next came professional resume writers, who were able to put the information from this eye-tracking technology to use in resumes that were now perfectly crafted for the 6-second scan. Now, resumes aren’t even created with the human eye in mind, they are created for applicant tracking systems.

A surprising 72 percent of resumes are never seen by the eyes of decision makers. You must first get past the ATS. Once you click “submit”, your resume is thrown into the internet abyss, with dozens or hundreds more. All of these resumes are broken down and put into fields and forms that make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to see and search, but they will never see or search your resume if it isn’t optimized for an applicant tracking system.

Since technology has become so easy to use and so much more affordable than it used to be, almost every mid- to large-size organization, government agency or recruiting firm will have an ATS. Here are a few ways to get your resumes seen and acted upon. Read more…

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