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4 Reasons Recruiters Telecommute In The Cold

Originally posted on Recruiter.com January 14, 2014.

4 Reasons for Recruiters to Stay Home and Out of the Polar Vortex

medium_6733322351It’s no joke out there as this polar vortex sweeps across the nation. As I write from a recliner here in Omaha, Nebraska, the temperature is at -9 degrees and the wind chill is at -36. Skin can literally freeze in a matter of minutes, about how long it takes to scrape the ice off of an entire SUV. While going into the office is possible, who in Sam Hell wants to go out in this?! Here are four reasons for you stay put today, tomorrow…maybe next week.

1) Virtual Interviews can be Conducted and Reviewed by Your Fireplace

Oh the wonders of HR technologies! Virtual interviewing has become incredibly popular for a wide range of reasons. Lately it has been a scheduling lifesaver. Whether it is the candidate or the recruiter calling the interview off for weather-related reasons, these setbacks really affect time-to-fill, the candidate experience and create scheduling hassles.

The right vendor will offer cloud-based service, mobile capability and the capacity to perform and review recorded interviews. Never reschedule again, and forget about scraping off the car with this tool on hand.

2) Cloud-Based Software Reaches Farther than the Cold Does

Find out if the HR software you use in the office is cloud based, odds are it is…or at least it should be. This means that just about anything done in the office, you can do from home. Cloud-based applications and software can be used from anywhere, usually with multiple devices.

The added benefit to this type of software is that it will update as your team gets work done as well. Clear communication is always vital when working with virtual teams, but cloud-based systems make that a whole lot easier. It is always best to set this up and run a trial from home ahead of time. Read more…

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