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5 Social Recruiting Lessons You Need to Know

Social media has and will continue to have a huge impact on companies and how they are perceived by the public. In fact, according to Glassdoor, roughly 1 in 5 candidates have applied for a job they learned about through social media, and 13% of social media users say information they’ve posted on social media helped them get a job. This is especially true for recruiting agencies. If you’re trying to help candidates get hired (or visa verse) it wouldn’t look very good if you rarely posted or were talking about puppies instead of jobs, would it? If you feel you need to up your social recruiting game, we’ve got your fix.

13% of social media users say information they’ve posted on social media helped them get a job. Click To Tweet


Curating Interesting and Relevant Content

Be sure to share social updates that are interesting and helpful to the job seeker, not just job postings. Engage your followers with mission-related content and industry news that could benefit them. Share articles on interview etiquette, blogs with resume tips, and resources for candidates who are looking to switch career paths.

Catch your followers’ attention and give people a reason to view your job listing and/or career site, this will also help you when reaching out to candidates. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes; if a recruiter reached out to you and only talked about the certain position he or she was recruiting for, it wouldn’t be very interesting. However, if you see this recruiter posting relevant and exciting content that can help you be better at your job, you might listen when they post a job opening, right?

Put yourself in the #candidate's shoes; what are you doing to keep your followers interested? Click To Tweet


Show You’re In the Know

As a recruiting agency, you help employers find the right people. So, you should probably know what you’re talking about. An easy and important way to do this is by keeping up with industry relevant knowledge. When a new tool comes out or a platform changes its rules, break the news yourself! Follow other industry leaders and have conversations with your followers. If your followers see you posting about the latest news in the recruiting industry it shows that you are reliable and knowledgeable enough to help employers, candidates, and colleagues in any potential endeavors.


Be Personal and Engage Your Followers & Others

Aside from posting the obvious, you also need to engage with those around you. Something big just happened in the company? Be sure to share it! People want to be “in the know” with the companies that they follow. This makes it feel more like a group, and can positively impact brand loyalty. From featuring new hires (with their permission of course) to featuring a story about how a candidate found the perfect job, sharing these details will grow engagement and make you seem like a human, not just a robot company. Along with this, be sure to get on board with trending hashtags that are relevant, as well as some you can have fun with. This could include #FollowFriday, #ThrowbackThursday, or even #MotivationMonday!


Beautiful, But Personal, Imagery – Forget the Stock Photos and Show the Real People

Your imagery should be just as personal as your messages. We all love the simplicity of the stock photo, but it doesn’t show “the real you” and can seem like a mask a company hides behind. Fortunately, nearly everyone is equipped with a smartphone and all you need to do is start snapping.

Share photos of fun events going on around the office. Did your employees get involved in some charity work? Show it off! Work from home posts, pictures of your city, and employees hard at work can all do wonders for boosting your personal brand. Don’t forget about video! While harder to coordinate, this is a great way to share the “inside scoop” with candidates.


Show Diversity

Equally important is a proper representation of diversity. If your staff and company do not reflect this (say you are a marketing firm who only hires entry level grads in Omaha, Nebraska) you can be honest about your diversity hiring goals or start conversations about how to make it better. You can also ensure that your other imagery and messages do reflect diversity; from stock photography to live events. Diversity isn’t just about race, post articles talking about different age groups, genders, lifestyles and more. Just remember to show the diversity that exists in the world, and that your agency is not only aware but interested in the journeys of all different kinds of people.


Social media is an amazing recruiting tool if used properly. Overall, just make sure to think of your audience and ask yourself, “If I were a job seeker, what would I want to see?” It may not be exactly what your followers are thinking, but it will give you a great opportunity to look at your posts and be aware of the message and brand you are putting out to the world.