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5 Tools You Need in Your HR Department

Originally posted on Recruiter.com January 14, 2013.

Five Standard Tools for HR Departments in Large Companies

HR_5Great tools and technology are no longer perks in large HR departments; they have become standard. As the HR technology industry explodes, these tools are more affordable and effective than most of us in the industry could have predicted.

More than Video Interviewing

A survey we conducted in 2012 concluded that almost six out of 10 employers with 1,000 to 5,000 employees use remote video interviews. Virtual screening and interviewing tools have become standard in most HR departments, but GreenJobInterview has taken it one step further. The bar has been raised with features like customized branding throughout all communications on the platform, mobile capabilities and pre-recorded interviews. That standard in video interviewing has officially been raised. Click the link for more information from GreenJobInterview’s survey on video interviewing trends and insights.

In a popular article on ERE, John Zappe said,

“The heaviest users of live video interviews are the biggest employers; 80% of those with more than 10,000 workers have used or use video interviews.”

A Powerful ATS

In order for larger companies to keep up in the race for talent, increase retention and build talent pipelines, they must have a robust applicant tracking system. Features like ease of use, effective search-ability and an emphasis on creating a great candidate experience are vital for larger companies to pull away from the pack. Want to know what to look for in a great ATS? Check out this resource from Visibility Software. Continue reading…

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