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6 Things You Need Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Mar. 30)

It’s that time of the workweek, again! Check out all the happenings from last week so you’re always up to speed!



The very week Maren finally got her stuff together and created an employee handbook (no not by herself, she consulted a professional), she was quoted here about things to include in an employee manual. I feel like we should take turns calling her out? (SmartBlogs Leadership)


We’ve all heard of Rayanne Thorn here at Red Branch Media. She’s practically a legend. So we were thrilled to learn she’s going to be one of the speakers at SocialHRCamp in Omaha in May! If you haven’t purchased a ticket or at least checked out the rocking agenda, you should! (SocialHRCamp)


According to this video, gender diversity in tech will be solved before racial diversity. That is all kinds of bittersweet. (TechCo)


The word is spreading. Todd Schnick wrote about losing one deal per day and we think, he’s right on the money! (ToddSchnick.com)


What this is, but it came with a burrito in the emails and that’s all right by us. Anyone want to give a random person their GA code to mess with because they’re clever? (Wordsmith Marketing)


At least the headline is, but Tim Sackett killed it this week with his posts. We had performance reviews here at Red Branch Media and I can tell you that Maren certainly thinks the exact same way, or in her words “This isn’t a sorority!” (The Tim Sackett Project) PS: Also check out his latest post, You wouldn’t even hire your own mom, which is DYN-O-MITE!
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