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6 Things To Know Before Starting Your Workweek (Mar 2)

Hey there! This is our new column with all the news that’s (not) fit to print…or fill up a blog post. HR Tech is an exciting industry filled with lots of personalities and we thought we’d give you a shove in the right direction based on what we’ve seen going down. Read this if you’re interested in what HR Pros, Consultants and Curmudgeons are saying on the internet…and beyond! Plus there are some really useful tidbits in here for your workweek too.


Another thought leader (and influencer in his own right) Master Burnett ponders the nature of influence. True to form, another poster jumps in not decrying the lists themselves but attacking those on it. Remember, just because you’ve made a list based on an algorithm doesn’t mean you’re an influencer, just as not being on a list doesn’t make you an influencer. Make like Elsa and let it gooooooooo…. (Facebook)


This piece on Facebook’s CIO and how people are the biggest determiner of FB’s success. HR Practitioner’s take note!
“Growing our workforce effectively is the No. 1 determinant of our ability to continue to be successful as a corporation. We take it very, very seriously and we put a ton of tools around the recruiting process.We found that tweaking off-the-shelf software would force us to adapt our process to the tools. We want to do the opposite: make our process better, more efficient, faster. Our tools are very purpose-built. It tells me all of the people I have to interview today. I submit my opinion on whether someone should be hired or not, and the report goes on its merry way. When recruiters schedule interviews, they have a pipeline of candidates, roles and interview panelists. All of that is in a database. All of the complexity of detail here is managed by the tools. The tool makes the scheduling decisions. It says, “Here is the link to the feedback form,” and it makes sure that the right résumé gets there. It is all taken care of.” (WSJ)


We made a little twitter picture similar to Glassdoor’s to get in on the Patricia Arquette action from the Oscars. Some folks took issue with a statistic that we didn’t even use, so of course we took screenshots of everything. And then the conversation about wage equality ACTUALLY started. Watch this space for more research 🙂 (Twitter, Facebook, errywhere)


#TRULondon happened. And we didn’t even miss being there…. <sniff!> (London, derp)


Our design team #madskills made this amazing poster from a Facebook Status from Doug Munro (@DoDRecruiterDC). Get it here or email us for a printable poster! (Red Branch Media)


This article hits us right where it hurts….or feels good…or whatever. Recruiting + Marketing = Love. Hat tip to J.T. O’Donnell (@jtodonnell)! (LinkedIn)