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#RedBranchWeekly: 6 Ways You’re Ruining Your Business

BusinessIf you often feel like this guy >

Chances are you may be guilty of doing one, a few or all of these 6 damaging practices. This week our clients decided to take a look into some deep issues. Each article has some great insight into the following problems and helpful tips to combat them. Scroll through the list to see if any of these sound familiar, and take a look at how you can get started on fixing these damaging practices today! Don’t forget to share the #RedBranchWeekly with your social friends.

1.   Your website/ career page isn’t mobile responsive.

2.   You hired a misaligned team… and they can’t stand one another.

3.   You aren’t prepared to handle complaints filed by “problem” employees (that you wish you could just fire).

4.   Your recruitment efforts are basically just the worst.

5.   You’ve completely disregarded your employer brand as an important part of your hiring strategy.

6.   Your employee turnover rate is extremely high.

Find out how you can fix these issues in the #RedBranchWeekly:

GreenJobInterview: Don’t Let the Browser Hit You on the Way Out

BrowserNo one is pushing you out the recruitment door, but if you don’t stay up-to-date on updates… your browser will. Not all browsers were created equal and with that said, it’s time to catch up to modern web development standards. Everything from the desktop browser capability to career page mobile responsiveness has an impact on the quantity and quality of the candidates who apply for job openings. Your recruiting game is at stake. Read more…

Vitru: A Move Toward More Effective Team Building

Taking Steps - Jake HillsTeams are known for stirring up creativity, innovation and even lasting professional bonds. Unfortunately, they can be known for stirring other things up too. When you are asked to be part of a team or project at work, you probably immediately think back to college. We all had to endure working around schedules, picking up the slack and trying to get a word in edge-wise with the self-nominated leader of the group who inevitably took all the credit for your hard work because he was the one with the floppy disk (remember those?) Ream more…

HR Acuity: What to Do When a Problem Employee Files a Complaint 

complaintWhen any employee files a formal complaint, a serious and sometimes complicated investigation will follow. When a problem employee files a complaint, the severity and complexity of the investigation automatically increases. Yes, the performance of the employee who files a claim should have nothing to do with an investigation, but that is simply not how it works. Read more…


Visibility Software: Knock it Off with These Recruiting Worst Practices

Knock OffThere are best and worst practices for every business. The recruiting and HR space is no different. Candidates take note of the things you do well… and not so well. With the consistent development of new tools for the space, the hiring process is constantly under construction. The best practices change and evolve along with the technology. There are easy solutions to these poor hiring practices. Read more…


Recruiterbox: Your Employer Brand Needs Attention 

There. It’s out in the open. No foul intentions, but sometimes the truth can sting a little. There are tons of articles out there in cyber space covering employer branding with about million statistics in every one of them. Little did you know, your branding falls under the not-so-flattering category of statistics. One of the galling pieces of datum is that 29% of jobseekers don’t believe employers reinforce well enough how they are so great to their employees.  So, 29% of employers do not have an apt brand. Why is this a problem? Read more…

ClearCompany: 7 Turnover Statistics You Can’t Unlearn (Number 5 is the Worst)

UnlearnIn the Clear Company blog we talk often about retention efforts like employee feedback, 360-performance management and effective communication tools and practices. We spend a lot of time on the topic of retention because we know our audience, and it happens that about 52% of you have likely prioritized attraction and retention as a major business issue. Read more…