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#6things: Bryan Chaney creates work, HRTech Wins, and FRENCH PEOPLE

Whoa man. There’s a lotta stuff going on in the world of talent. So much so that this week’s #6things looks like a train wreck. But’s it’s not! It’s amazing. Read on reader….

Micole says Employer Branding =/=Consumer Branding.

And she’s right! Tesla replaces their head of HR because everyone says they’re the worst. But what do you really think? Do you think their head of HR was bad or that he or she was forced to accept exec decision making even when he/she knew it was wrong? I don’t know the story for reals, but it seems like HR is the first to take the blame when a company has a toxic culture and is that fair? (BuzzFeed)

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Tired of Seeing Tim Sackett Here? Write better.

Because this dude writes ERRYDAY. Today it’s a breakdown of a SilkRoad data release that is actually pretty interesting. Breakdown if you don’t wanna read it? Employee referrals are statistically KILLIN it and if you don’t invest you are a fool and a charlatan. Also 3:1 ration interview to hire is about right. So you probs know most of it, but only Tim really blogged about it. (TTSP)

French People Do Better At Everything Basically.

Including handshakes you giant orange ween. But I digress. Here’s a CEO for a French Pastry Adventure, where they basically go on the Metro and shout employer branding things at the top of their lungs. It’s clever, it gets attention and also since they filmed it, it’s a great campaign that has legs for quite some time. Ever thought about doing something like this? I’d say it’s probably as hard to find a pastry chef as it is a SQL II dev, so. OOOOOH plot twist! This is totally a recruiting firm!…. (A Nifty Place To Work)

Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Are you an HRTech Startup just trying to get some advice? Do you feel like you’re confused about where you need to market and to whom? Welp! HRTech has you covered! Check it:

We are excited to report that we’ll be repeating the session this year with an expanded and improved format that will increase the participation of HR Executive magazine readers and the attendees of HR Tech.

This year, startups have the opportunity to be considered for the competition via our on-line submission process, available at www.HRTechConference.com/ANT.html. New technology, awesome new technology, HR technologySubmissions are being accepted until June 30, 2017 and soon after that the 8 semi-finalists will be announced.

Then in July and August we will be looking to you, the audience, to vote online and help us select the four finalists that will present to the audience at the conference in Las Vegas on October 10, 2017. And, of course, session attendees will select the Next Great HR Technology for 2017 live in Vegas!

What are you waiting for? Apply! (HRTech)

Recruiting Social Crush Rears Its Pretty Head.

Christian De Pape (@ChristianDePape) put out this awesome (free) values based interview questions template. You can duplicate it and use it for yourself because it’s in Google Docs. Snag a copy! (GD)

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On the Road Again!

Do any of you really know how truckers live? What they do? How much of a linchpin they are to our society? Doubtful. That’s why this piece in the NYTimes is so important. To whit:

Truckers are paid mostly by the mile, not the hour. Federal rules say they can drive 11 hours within a 14-hour window, and then they must stop for a 10-hour break. Many resent the 14-hour rule.

Everybody’s constantly looking at the clock. If you get caught in a traffic jam for four hours, that’s four hours of your productivity gone. Or if you go to pick up a load and these people take five and a half hours to load you, they’ve killed five and a half hours of your day. The clock’s ticking, the clock’s ticking. Got to go, man, got to go! The 14-hour rule has created an unnatural amount of pressure. For the young fellows, after two or three months, they say the hell with this.

We spend all our time trying to place the right person in the right job, we’re not paying attention to the crumbling infrastructure of our country. (NYTimes)

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Bryan either saves my life or creates more work. I have not decided.  

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