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#6things: BranchOut Back ALL RIGHT! Plus It’s Happening :)

I’ve Always Wanted to Be In Vox

But as usual, this powerhouse HRTech Pro, Laurie Ruettimann (@laurieruettimann), beat me to the punch. A bona fide badass, Laurie did what she does best…shone a light on common misconceptions and sacred cows, in a first-person essay titled: Let’s face it. HR is powerless to help women who are harassed. Ruettimann bypasses the normal apologies and potentially hollow words of HR pros who are often paid to protect the company and who (though they might want to) will probably have their hands tied to help women who accuse (especially top talent) of harassing them. It’s a ballsy statement, but not as some have accused, one that paints HR with a bad brush. It’s simply reality. So what does Laurie say harassed women should do? This. (Vox)

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He Buys Me Drinks, He Tells Me Secrets

Which is how I knew this before ALLLLLLLLL of you. Okay, 2 of you. Still, I could not be more pleased to see Eric Winegardner (@ewmonster) teaming up with Leslie O’ Connor (@leslie_atlanta) (lady. boss. legend) at Search Wizards (@searchwizard)! Finally, a president I can GET behind. (Search Wizards)

I Am Not Entirely Sure Dawn is Real…

We were both at HRTech. Did I see her? No. We were both at ERE (@ERE_net). Did I see her? Barely (and I’d had a savvy b or 2). Anyway, she continues to be incredible on stage and off. On her blog, she answers a common question: What HRTech (@HRTechConf) do I need? Instead of listing off a stream of vendors, Dawn Burke (@DawnHBurke) answers the deeper question by:

  • Helping assess the need
  • Empathizing with those with cheap or shortsighted bosses’
  • Providing education from real live practitioners
  • Giving examples for both SMB and Enterprise

Basically, showing you how to do it right yourself, so you can be as cool as she is. Did you know she’s an awesome singer? I did. (DawnBurke)

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This Recruiter is NOT Googly Eyed for Google

And he is def the only one. Laszlo Bock (@LaszloBock2718) is at every single HR conference I have ever been to, ever. But this guy says no thanks. His struggle with shortcuts is real, y’all. Okay, sorry, that’s mean. But this quote though!

I scour LinkedIn, a factory farm of fluff, for engineers with a specific skill set and then send hundreds of canned messages to unsuspecting professionals each week.

And this!

Remember: It’s about 10 times more difficult to get into Google than Harvard University. So we recruiters can close our sticker-covered laptops at the end of each day and walk down the brightly painted hallways — royal red, lime green! — confident that almost no one we contacted will get hired. The lucky few applicants will be shuffled from one high-paying tech job to another.

I guess I don’t know if this guy hates being a recruiter at Google or just hates being…like….a recruiter. (WaPo)

Speaking of Facebook

Whoops, freudian slip. I guess FB is the new LI. Is it me or have we been saying that about 10 years running? Anywhoodle, tl;dr Facebook has resumes now I guess. (TNW)

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I Guess He Decided to BranchOut?

Serial tech entrepreneur and investor Rick Marini has launched the first-ever fund-of-funds for cryptocurrencies. Recruiters might remember him as the guy who launched BranchOut, the belle of everyone’s ball circa 2009-10. But actually this is a really cool fund and I wish I was rich enough to join. Despite my snark, this is the deal:

Starting with $1 million of his own money, Marini hopes to eventually grow the fund to at least $100 million.

  • He expects his fund’s investors to be a mix of high net worth individuals, family offices, a few institutions, and potentially venture capital funds.
  • Marini plans to invest in about ten cryptocurrency hedge funds with diverse profiles, strategies, and sizes.
  • He already plans to invest from Protocol Ventures into two funds he’s personally backed—MetaStable Capital and Neural Capital. The former was co-founded by AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant, who introduced Marini to cryptocurrencies three years ago.

Like marijuana, hardly anyone wants to touch crypto, which is weird and dumb but maybe will usher us into (so help me, I am becoming my father) the Age of Aquarius. (Axios)

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