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#6Things: Marketing Hoaxes, Candidate Experience and Booze in the Office

Something we all talk about

But not many people totally understand. I’ve long been a fan of both Gerry Crispin (@GerryCrispin) and Chris Hoyt (@RecruiterGuy) and consider them experts when it comes to this stuff. They should be, they make it their work to consult, speak with and LISTEN to companies all over the world. They have a candidate experience roadmap from member company, Cumming and it’s pretty awesome. I guarantee you’re not considering every piece of this particular puzzle. (CareerXRoads)

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ROI Decoded

Are you struggling to explain how many hires you get from Social Media campaigns? So was Dalhia Rodriguez at Dell (@DalhiaatDell), in this article shared by Jennifer Newbill (@JenniferNAtDell). In it, she breaks down how she came to identify where the hires were coming from, the metrics she uses to measure success, and how she builds targeted pipelines for her applicants. It’s a true case study in that it doesn’t just contain inspiring quotes, it shows you HOW she did it. (LinkedIn)

When John Speaks

You listen. And every year, he gives a shout out to this piece and incorporates it into many of his deep conversations at events and speeches. What is it you ask? The Internet + Trends Report from Mary Meeker (@kpcb) at Kleiner Perkins. It’s chock full of data you’ll need to stay at the forefront of digital marketing (recruitment or otherwise). If you don’t know what people are doing online, how can you reach them? Quick answer, you cannot. (Dropbox)

Google is Broke I Guess?

I mean, they must be if they can’t afford to collect wage data to prove (or not) gender pay disparity. WTF? Everyone from Jessica Miller Merrell (@jmillermerrell) to Rob Dromgoole (@Un_Recruiter) had an opinion on this. From one article on the subject:

In one revealing exchange, Frank Wagner, the company’s director of compensation, admitted in court that if women are paid less than men in the same positions, those salary disparities can persist even if the employees perform at the same level.

Asked about a hypothetical, Wagner explained that if a female employee starts at a lower salary than a male colleague in the same job at Google, she may continue to make less even if they both excel in their first year and score the same on evaluations.

Wagner claimed that eventually, their wages would likely be adjusted to match each other: “There would be convergence over time.”

Eliasoph, the DoL attorney, said that it was outrageous for Google to argue that historical salary data was irrelevant to the government’s audit, considering it is widely understood that discriminatory wages lead to continued disparities as women advance in their careers.

So what do you think? Can Google really not get into its own data without violating employee privacy? Is the Department of Labor placing an undue burden on the tech giant? Some have stated that the wage data is none of the government’s business, but…Google gets lots of government contracts and I think (not a lawyer) they have to like pay men and women the same? Ask Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing). (Guardian)

I guess my ex boyfriend can find me now

I mean, if he were looking. Someone (sorry I cannot remember who but it was probably Dean DaCosta (@Deandacosta) posted this search engine for people. It’s ugly to look at but apparently works quite well. What ensued was a discussion among sourcers about applying to be taken OFF this database, which if anything, should show how much data it gives you. (TruePeopleSearch)

The Genius Does it Again

American Genius, run by hilarious Austinite Lani Rosales (@laniar), posted a story that I kinda hate but also believe a little based on purely anecdotal evidence. Basically, it likens social media advertising to the emperor’s new clothes, in that everyone is doing them and no one is seeing real ROI. I guess we’re all embarrassed to say they’re not working? I’ll say it, we see very little ROI from social media ads unless there is a prize or survey involved. Anyone else want to cop to sucking at social media ads? Maybe none of us do and they’re the ones that suck! (TAG)

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