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#6things: Sex Guides, Don’t Be Too Hot and Poop Submarines

Don’t Be Too Hot

This article written by Todd Raphael (@ToddRaphael) of ERE shows some crazy hiring advice that people get. Women people. They’re part of an HP series designed to train hiring managers to avoid bias. It’s a great tactic and frankly one that any company could use and adapt in their own company. No snark here at ALL for efforts like this!! (ERE)

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It’s a Wonderful Day to Drop a Release

It was a sunny day at #HRTechWorld in San Francisco. The first official day of the first conference the HRN has ever had on US soil, was coincidentally the day that HR Technology Conference dropped the news they too would be heading overseas! While some found the news surprising and the timing odd, others felt it was simply a response to the long-standing rivalry between the two conference organizers. Anyway, for HR dorks, it was VERY heady. (MarketWired)

Strong enough for a man,  PH Balanced for a Woman

So this was written by someone who works at Union Square Ventures who happens to be a WOMAN. While it’s not directly recruitment related, this could really inform your InMails…CHAD. Because I can tell you, you don’t need to be a woman in a man’s field to get these kinds of patronizing, sexist and arrogant missives, you just have to have ovaries. (Medium)

Business Insider is kind of a poop submarine but….

Every once in awhile, they run something that is still business related. Like this article talking ‘bout how liberal arts majors aren’t dumb anymore. Remember all those cartoons about the art history major having no job and living in his parent’s basement? Well, WHO’S LAUGHING NOW? You’re hiring them because there is no one else to hire and because maybe, finally after lauding technical skill despite personal assery and huge degrees over actual experience, and idiocy over facts, we’re finally like, “Hey maybe we should stop hiring dumb rich people…” I don’t know though, I just read the headline. (Business Insider)

Case In Point

Uber CEO wrote a guide for his employees on how to “bone”. (Jalopnik) #HRViolation

See Your Kids, Give Them an Apple

Yoast CEO Joost De Valk (@jdevalk) said this on FB:

So… Apple thinks it’s OK for startup founders not to see their kids. Funnily enough, I think this sort of thinking explains why so many startups fail. They’re not grounded in reality. If you work so much, you create your own filter bubble even more than other people do. This is not a good thing.

It’s also a wrong notion that people are able to FORCE creativity just by working more. As a (successful I dare say) founder myself, I’ve found the opposite is probably more true. I’ve seen plenty of people work 60-70 hour weeks, and do less than most of our employees do in 40. Well rested employees who have time to take care of their home and family are worth so much more than people who fall asleep at the job.

Mind you, we do some of this in the Netherlands too. Awards for the best employers don’t even CHECK whether you’re allowing your team to have a good work / life balance. It’s all about personality growth but we forget the family, the community.

If you want a job that does allow you a good work life balance AND builds stuff that impacts millions of people worldwide? Well, we’re always hiring at Yoast.

Hat tip to Olivier Blanchard (@oablanchard) for the find. (FB)

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