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#6things: Skilled Jobs Decline, #EBChat Personas and Free Work!


Did you know that there are ways to know if someone is going to quit, according to science? Well, there are, especially if you observe them for a year like they wrote up at HBR. They are these if, like me, you’ve hit your max number of articles from HBR this month…


Their work productivity has decreased more than usual.

They have acted less like a team player than usual.

They have been doing the minimum amount of work more frequently than usual.

They have been less interested in pleasing their manager than usual.

They have been less willing to commit to long-term timelines than usual.

They have exhibited a negative change in attitude.

They have exhibited less effort and work motivation than usual.

They have exhibited less focus on job-related matters than usual.

They have expressed dissatisfaction with their current job more frequently than usual.

They have expressed dissatisfaction with their supervisor more frequently than usual.

They have left early from work more frequently than usual.

They have lost enthusiasm for the mission of the organization.

They have shown less interest in working with customers than usual.


I will be over here, filing this under obvious AF. (HBR)



I’m going to be honest, the Dyson recruiting videos are amazing, but I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to using video in any capacity, mostly because I am a nerd and like books. But while beautiful and an homage to Google (in that, this is a puzzle and you have to be smart enough to solve it to work at a vacuum company kind of way) it doesn’t MOOOOOVE me. I don’t see myself in the position. I’ll BRB, I’m going to go ask some young people what they think. (Dyson)



We’ve snagged a lot of new clients lately and that means a lot of new buyer personas. Some people will tell you that you don’t need new personas for every client if you sell in similar industries but…you do Blanche, you do. That’s why I was pretty psyched to see the #EBChat focus on personas this past week! YAY! Dive into this storify for smart and easy tips on creating personas, whether you’ve done it a thousand times or never before. (Storify)



Hey did you know that the hardest to fill jobs aren’t in recruitment, marketing OR HR? Our big gaps are in the skilled trades, drivers and teachers. WHA???? Actually, that sounds right. While we’ve all been pushing kids into STEM, restaurant and hotel jobs are plummeting lower. I guess Mary Ellen Slater was right when she said we’re a service economy, or at least we would be if we could get people to take service jobs. Oh! I know! Let’s pay a living wage! (Manpower)



See the whole series of People Who Want You To Work For Free




We use Gusto actually, it’s pretty great…for payroll. But I have to get them props for this amazing video series featuring funny lady Kristen Schaal. If you want to empathize with HR Pros, tell them they do everything (because they DO!) (AdWeek)