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7 HOT Highlights from this Week at Red Branch

No, we didn’t break the internet.

But we wrapped up the ClearCompany Talent Lifecycle Series with Part 7 and Part 8 this week. We published an infographic full of quotes from the leaders and innovators of the HR space. On Veterans Day, we honored the brave men and women who serve our country with tips on hiring and training veterans for the civilian workforce. AND… so much more! Seriously this week was packed, and every piece of news is BIG news this week! Check out the 7 highlights of our week…

#1 – We Finished Off the Talent Lifecycle Series

A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Learning [Part 7]   |   ClearCompany

A Clear View of the Talent Lifecycle: Offboarding [Part 8]    |    ClearCompany

#2 – You Might Be in this Infographic…

11 Quotes from the Innovative Greats of HR (Infographic)   |   Marenated

#3 – A Salute to Our Veterans

Salute & Recruit Veterans for a Stronger Workforce    |    Broadbean

5 Honorable Ways to Salute Our Veterans Today   |   Marenated

#4 – Everything a Recruiter Needs to Know

The Ultimate Recruiting Selection Process   |   Visibility Software on Recruiter.com

3 Recruiting Tools That Need a Revamp   |   Recruiterbox

3 Best Practices to Back Up Your Job Description   |   Shaley on Recruiter.com

How Do You Stack Up to Other Recruiters on LinkedIn?   |   Shaley on Recruiter.com

#5 – Signs and Solutions for Most of Your Problems

5 Signs An Employee May Be Ready to Leave You   |   Broadbean

Leadership Bullcrap: 5 Theories   |   Marenated

4 Sick Day Solutions for Every Boss   |   Marenated

#6 – Boss Status, Thought Leading Articles You Have to Read

Not all Video Interviewing Platforms Were Created Equal    |    GreenJobInterview

What is a Learning Culture and How Do I Get One?   |   Visibility Software

The Transformation of HR & Marketing Trend Analysis    |    Kelly Robinson on Broadbean


#7 – Oh, and did I mention we’re hiring? Red Branch Media Now Hiring 80s Superstars

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