7 Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn

Best Practices, Social Media

Originally posted on Recruiter.com December 24, 2012.

Getting Better at LinkedIn in 7 Steps

medium_4305859251LinkedIn has changed the way we recruit. Not completely and not overnight, but it has slowly and surely crept into nearly every recruiter’s arsenal in one form or another. In fact, recruiting pros were one of the first to really embrace LinkedIn when it debuted, helping the site to gain true growth traction.

With the site’s growth, several companies, training sessions, sourcing gurus and more have popped up and with good reason. Many of these organizations and the people who run them have a clearer view of what happens inside LinkedIn and how you can use and manipulate the platform to achieve your objectives. Whether you use LinkedIn as a networking tool, reference checking system, recruiting platform or simply to get new clients, here are some hard and fast rules to using it better:

1. Look attractive

You never have a second chance to make a first impression. When your picture pops up, the human brain doesn’t try to categorize where you fit in the professional landscape, thousands of tiny, learned clues do it for us. Make it easy by taking a look at the science behind your profile pic. Sure you know you should wear a nice shirt and not have your cat in your arms. But did you know that you shouldn’t look away from the camera, cross your arms or smile too widely, depending on whether you’re a man or a woman? Read more…