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7 Ways To Embrace Technology

Originally posted on Recruiter.com December 16, 2013.

Now THAT’S an Embrace of Technology!


In HR and recruiting we embrace technology to make our processes more efficient and effective. We also use technology to reach out to people, put the company culture on display and establish a brand. Well, this is where we can take a page from WestJet’s book. They did a phenomenal job of using technology to humanize their brand and well…rock.

Watch this short video (maybe not at work, ‘cause you’ll probably tear up), and then find out how the principles that WestJet used can be worked into your recruiting and hiring processes.

Personalization and Humanization

As passengers walked up to the Santa on the video screen, he prompted them to scan their boarding passes and then he magically knew them all by name. This meant the world to the children, but the parents seemed to be even more thrilled. People love and respond to personalization. Automated responses are great, but the right technology can make those automated communications personalized. Candidates need to feel like a person, not just a resume. Read more…

photo credit: Mohammed Alnaser via photopin cc