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8 Reasons Our Boss (Maren Hogan) is Better Than Yours

As a follow up to our post, What to Do if You Forgot Today is National Boss’s Day, we decided to pull together a list of what makes our boss, Maren Hogan, the best boss ever. So instead of rambling on…

I’ll let the Branchers tell you themselves:


She is passionate about everything she does and always puts 110% into everything from Red Branch to her family.” – Kristine Osbourne, Graphic Designer


“She’s like our mom 🙂 She gives me a heating pad when I’m cold. Which is all the time in the winter. Annnnd our little bios in Marenated are pretty spot on. She’s always wearing the best clothes ever. Even when she is super comfy, she’s super stylish.” – Sarah Duke, Content Creator


Maren“To add on to Sarah’s: But she’s like the cool mom. You know, the one who is your friend and goes along with your antics…until you’ve gone too far. And then that mom voice/stare comes out and you know you’ve got to get back to work. She’s witty. I’m always cracking up around her. If I’m not in the office, you can bet she’s posted a hilarious status on some form of social media.” – Marissa Litty, Client Communications


“She fights and sticks up for her employees.” – Kerry Pivovar, Marketing Automator


“She took me on as her first employee and taught me everything she knows about marketing.” – Eric Foutch, Digital Media Manager


She brags about us all the time!” – Courtney McGann, Content Manager


“She really appreciates everything that we do, and takes the time to help us get better.” – Kyle Christensen, Design Lead


“She pushes us to do the next best thing, in our work and in our everyday lives. Maren isn’t just a boss, she’s a role model. She is full of wisdom and wit, and her positive energy makes every day at work the best.” – Shaley McKeever, Digital Media Coordinator


We Love You Maren!

– Your Branchers