Age Discrimination is NOT Allowed!

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This article was originally posted on February 2, 2012

This article brings to light, older generations are being discriminated against. Age discrimination is predominate in the technology industry. Study’s show some IT recruiters won’t even consider a candidate that is over 40 for placement. Employers today need to remember, talent is ageless.

Wake Up! Talent is Ageless

Talent_AgeDiscrimination_GenX_Boomers_MillennialsThis doesn’t seem to be a message that is getting through to corporate America. As recruiters and HR Professionals focus more and more on Millennials and even future workforce Generation Z, older workers seem to be getting the proverbial shaft. But is it because older workers can’t adapt to what even analysts are calling a new “role-based” economy or because the new generation of workers are multi-skilled, highly focused and more demanding in general?“Most shops won’t admit it readily, but gray-hair phobia is a reality in the digital era. With agencies continually restructuring and changing models to keep pace with the public’s media consumption habits, adland is right to be digitally obsessed. But most in the industry wrongly assume that the only people who grasp digital are fresh out of college.”

According to the above quote from AdAge, a digital world is widely believed to be passing boomers and even Gen-Xers by. In a world with stagnant or declining jobs, particularly in high tech industries, older workers have the distinct disadvantage of discrimination, even if their skills and experience speak to their ability to do the job. Read the rest…