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Ain’t No Hiring Process Got Time For That

Hiring-Process Originally posted on Recruiter.com on August 20, 2013

We’ve been warned about the cost of a bad hire so many times it’s engrained in us. Infographs, articles and tweets about smart hiring are everywhere, but have recruiters taken “being thorough” too far? When is the last time you took a step back and examined your process? What started off as good practice might night now be a time waster. Taking time to ensure that your hiring process is efficient will not only save you time, but it could save you a candidate. When hiring process practices get lengthy, redundant and just plain irrelevant, candidates are likely to opt out. Watch out for these time wasters:

3rd and 4th Round Interviews

As we get hire higher up on the ladder, there is a need to be more thorough; that’s a fact. But when candidates at entry-level positions are coming in for their 5th interview, you’re just wasting timetheirs and yours. Ask yourself why these additional interviews are necessary. All too often companies use the interview process to delay hiring. Don’t string candidates along. You should know who and what you’re looking for before this process started.

If the reason behind all of these interviews is for different members of the team to take a crack at them, you might want to try group interviews. If group interviews are a bit inquisition-y for you, maybe using video interviewing would be best. Video interviews can be shared and commented on by all members of the hiring team.

Brainteasers (stupid questions)

Take a tip from Google and get rid of the stupid questions. Believe it or not, these “out of the box” questions intended to gauge creative thinking, although terribly misguided, are still common practice for some hiring teams. The right answer to, “How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?” will not get you the right candidate. It will get you candidates who can Google.

Recruiters are often not fully in charge of their hiring process. Their clients make some tests and screening practices mandatory. Giving feedback to the client and getting him/her engaged in the process early on will help snag the right candidate without the person having to name the states in alphabetical order.

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