Battling The “Well you never told me that I couldn’t”

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Originally posted on September 16, 2013.

We Need a Policy for That?!

this way, that wayAh common sense, a tricky term. Common sense is pretty relevant, what might be very obvious to one person, can completely escape another. This is why we have rules, guidelines and policies, but have workers gone too far under the guise of lack of common sense? We have always created policies and considered the rest taken care of by common sense, but this is getting trickier.

Did you ever get in trouble for something when you were younger, and as a defense state, “Well you never told me that I couldn’t”? Workers are starting to use this excuse more and more. “You never told me that I couldn’t”, seems to be getting used a lot in cases where companies don’t have policies for every imaginable circumstance. Which happens to be all of them. No company can create policies that cover it all.

Drinking on the Job

According to a short HuffPo video, a Portuguese court ruled that a waste removal company had to reinstate an employee it had fired for drinking on the job. The reason that the employee won his case and got his job back was because the company didn’t have any written policies about drinking on the job. The company is also being forced to pay the man 14 months of back pay. Seriously, this happened. Read more…

photo credit: Lori Greig via photopin cc