Big Announcement…


is coming. But it goes something like this. I have a new job. YAY! Announcement to come (insert evil grin here)

I’m mortified. Not because I didn’t choose wisely. I did. It’s a great company, fantastic team and truly revolutionary product. I hemmed and hawed about fit, long-term strategy and wrung my hands in front of tens of people who read this blog as I made my decision. No, that’s not the trouble. The trouble came when I walked into a book store the other day.

I purchased a handy dandy Moleskine (like I do every time I start a new job or project) and a sketch book (because I think I am more artistic than I actually am) and then took a gander at the shelves upon shelves of business books.

During my childhood, books were everything. I wasn’t the athletic one, I wasn’t particularly skilled at dancing and the whole eyepatch and respirator thing RUINED my chances to become Miss North Dakota, as planned. So, by default, I was the smart one. I loved books and they loved me. I blazed through years of educational material, simply by honing my skills of reading comprehension (I’m still a massive advocate of reading comprehension but that’s a whole other blog post). If I didn’t know what something was, to the dictionary! If I was unsure about how to act, to Emily Post! If I needed to know about something before my date of birth, to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Books were for pleasure, for learning, for cooking and for life. If I was interested in it, I had a book on it. I got a book of poetry for my bachelorette party. Seriously. I was raised to believe that books are the answer.

I’m mortified because what I need to know next is not in any of those books. Maybe I am overstating my own importance but I don’t think so. One common denominator in the companies I’ve been speaking with over the last two months is that they all believe they are genuinely going to CHANGE THIS GAME. And if history favors the bold, I think they might be right. Because look at the seismic changes we’ve had over the past decade or so. Incremental year by year and then POW! you look around and things are really different.

And what do you do when no one’s ever done it before?

Maybe write a book