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#RedBranchWeekly: The Branch is Blooming with Bountiful HR Tech Tips

By Alison Wurth:

Spring has sprung! And we’re here to help you spring into the future of work with our latest HR tech tips straight from our partners. Think of this time of year as a time to refresh your processes. Do a little spring cleaning of ‘the way we’ve always done it’ and shake things up! It’s time for more automation, metrics that MATTER, and it’s certainly about time to start developing your team’s soft skills.

In this Weekly, our partners at Good&Co, Whil, and Caliper are here to help. Dive in and decide which tech you need to implement so you can watch your team bloom.

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Good&Co: HR is Bringing Sexy Back

Employee on both laptop and phone, researching the latest HR TechOver the last handful of years, human resources has experienced a renaissance of sorts. All driven by innovation and technology. In the past, managing HR processes included putting everything on multiple spreadsheets but not anymore. We’re living in an age where the tech that you choose could make or break your company. I know, it’s a little scary. But, with the right software—your org can accomplish what was once unimaginable. Now that’s pretty sexy. Find out which companies are leading the innovation game in this article.

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Whil: 3 Definitive Ways Mindfulness Encourages Your Sales Team

3 Coworkers looking at tablet and discussing HR TechWith automation taking over the repetitive tasks of most positions, soft skills are more valuable than ever. In fact, 91% of talent professionals agree that soft skills are crucial to the future of recruiting and HR. Need assistance growing your team’s interpersonal skills? Try mindfulness. In this article, Whil shows you how mindfulness practices can not only relieve stress and improve interpersonal skills—it can actually increase sales. Check this one out.

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Caliper Corp: Bridge the Gap: How to Create an Effective Employee Development Approach

Team of HR professionals discussing new HR TechWant to start developing your current employees? Great, but it’s more complicated than that. First off, do you have the tech to help? You need to pinpoint your team’s skill gaps. The pros at Caliper Corp are here to help you find those gaps with employee assessments, KPIs, 360-reviews, and more. Once you implement the right software to pinpoint skill gaps, you are well on your way to addressing them. Find out exactly what steps you should take in this article!

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