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Brancher Favorites: Videos That Melt Your Heart

Valentine’s Day may have been on Tuesday, but we’ve been spreading the love all week here at The Branch (that’s what the cool kids call the office). And we wanted to share that feeling with you too! After all, who doesn’t need some melt-your-heart-out videos to end the week on? We know we do!

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Take a look at some of the videos that our Branchers really love! And prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside by the end of this list – you’ve been warned. 

Kristine, Graphic Design Master (@4KRISTineSake)

“..because who doesn’t love a kitty floating in water listening to Japan’s 1963’s top hit Sukiyaki?” She has a point! This is one kitty cat we can’t resist!

Noelle, PR Extraordinaire (@NoelleBellLynne)

“I can’t watch this without crying…” I mean, we all need a good cry every now and then, right?

Christine, Proposal Enthusiast (@ChristineRBM)

“After weeks of separation, an abused and recently rescued mamma is reunited with her puppies. The look of appreciation on her face is enough to start your weekend off with all the FEELS!”

Eric, Marketing Wizard and Dog Lover (@erockfoutch)

“I love GSD puppies more than anything! I wish they weren’t so hyper otherwise I would have 100.” After all, puppies make everything better.

Haylie, Social and PR Juggler (@haylieRBM)

“I’m naming my next dog Norbert because of him.” Cute doesn’t even begin to cover it with this little one!

Kyle, Designer, Trainer, Drummer (@KyleJCDesign)

“Because I’ve never seen a cat wanting to give hugs and I’d love to get a cat hug!” Who doesn’t? Cat hugs all around!

Shaley, Marketing Diva (@Miss_Shaley)

“This is true love in its natural state, and you can tell just by how long they hug and kiss after seeing each other. Whatever their story is, whatever the history behind their relationship, this is simply and purely a man showing his woman that she is still significant. It could be his third wife, or it could be his high school sweetheart, I don’t care. But I do care that no matter your age or how long or little you’ve been together, making someone feel special, even through the smallest action, is the most beautiful thing you can do for your relationship… and it should never end!”

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Grant, Email Guru (@GrantEicherRBM)

“Soldiers coming home? Way to tug at those heartstrings!”


Douglas, Web Dev Intern and advocate for bald men (@DouglasRBM)

“Perfectly acted, well… Can you say it’s acting? These two are beautiful together and it shows the love in their eyes.” Excuse us while we go grab a tissue.


Marissa, Content Writer and Designated Den Mother (@MarissaLitty)

“Because I’m a bit of a romantic and it truly brings me happiness to see that someone find another person who makes them feel less alone on this planet. I’ve found something really special and I wish the same for my greatest enemy. If more people could find someone who makes them feel complete, whether it be a best friend or a partner in life, no one would have time for fighting; they’d be too busy loving. This video definitely drives that home. Fans of love make me go, Aw!”

Love conquers all, am I right?

So, what did you think? Pretty sappy, huh? If these videos didn’t make you tear up then we don’t know what will! Be sure to check back regularly to get more great video recommendations from everyone here at Red Branch Media!