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#RedBranchWeekly: How to Build and Maintain Powerful, Diverse Teams

By Alison Wurth:

Diverse teams bring more to the table. And diverse teams that have invested in team building? Unstoppable. The future is diverse and future generations want to learn new skills. Our tip: embrace this or get left in the dust. Today’s workforce wants to learn new skills and to feel part of a strong, dynamic team. And, with the right strategies, it can be done.

In this weekly, we’re talking unstoppable diverse teams and what to do to see them flourish. Thanks to our partners at IQTalent, Oleeo and Inspire Software, we have all the resources you need to make it happen for your organization.

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IQTalent Partners: The Secret to Building Dynamic Internal Teams [Checklist]

Coworkers congratulating eachother 97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project. If this is so well understood, why don’t we have the steps to get there down to a science? Sure, you can hire the best, but if they don’t work well together – you’re setting yourself up for failure. The name of the game? Team building. Effective team building can translate into employee engagement by getting them active and more involved with their coworkers, which is good for company culture and, most importantly, boosting that bottom line. The experts at IQTalent Partners have made the elusiveness of team building easy-peasy by creating a checklist for you to download and get started today.

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Oleeo: Diversity Recruiting as a Strategy: Orchestras, Reality Shows and HR

Candidates waiting for interviewsThe future is diverse, and it is coming fast. The people at Oleeo recommend viewing diversity recruiting as a strategy rather than a program. Why? For example, studies show firms with more gender diversity at the executive level are more powerful than those that do not. But completely removing your subconscious biases is difficult. So, take note from The Boston Symphony. No, really. Discover the inspiration for blind recruiting, how it relates to reality shows and what this all means for creating a diverse and engaged team!

#Diversify your team by taking note from a symphony and a reality show. Yes, you read that correctly. @Oleeo_ shows you how it's done in this #RedBranchWeekly: Click To Tweet

Inspire Software: Why It’s Time to Invest in Learning and Development

Coworkers discussing in conference roomSimply put, people want to grow and learn new skills. In fact, 22% of those who left their jobs attributed their resignation to a lack of development. Learning and development improves engagement, creates leaders and is a whole lot cheaper than hiring and training a new employee. In this article, Inspire Software makes the case for professional growth. If you really want to build a strong team, you must be focusing on developing future leaders. And who better to take advice from than the leadership development experts at Inspire Software?

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