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Can you imagine working 84 hours per week?

Labor-DayIn 1880, this wasn’t unusual.

The average American worked 12-hour days, every day of the week. Even children as young as 5-years old were working in factories! On September 5, 1882 in New York City, 10,000 workers marched in Wendel’s Elm Park to demonstrate the need for labor rights. Their efforts were officially recognized in 1916, when Congress passed the Adamson Act to establish the 8-hour workday. Today, more than 156 million Americans make up the United States workforce. Help us in celebrating the hard work of these millions of Americans by checking out just how far the U.S. workforce has come. From innovative technology that allows flexible working conditions to tips on working with the new generation of Millennials entering the workforce, the Red Branch Media Weekend Update has it all.

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