HCM Technology: Does One Size Fit All?

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This article was originally published by Harpaul Sambhi on Careerify.

Photo 16Recently, our Chief Marketing Brain, Maren Hogan was interviewed by Careerify, a social recruiting and engagement platform, to talk about Human Capital Management (HCM) Technology.

See below for a sneak peek of the Careerify interview or read the whole thing here.

We had the opportunity to speak with Maren Hogan, the founder of Red Branch Media, to get her insights of HCM technology. Red Branch Media provides thought-leadership content for the HR and Marketing industry via several channels including Marenated.comRecruiter.comHREXaminer.com as well as several vendor blogs. Maren is more than a typical B2B Marketing Executive: her expertise in public relations, corporate communications, and marketing strategies allow her to differentiate her clients from others and operate a thriving digital agency.

Careerify: So then what is your opinion of today’s HR technology offerings?

Maren: Obviously, there are several I like well enough to stand behind them as their agency! I think that HR Technology vendors are trying to make their offerings more suitable for businesses outside of the Fortune 500. Modular systems that allow companies to pick and choose what their organizations need are where HR Technology is headed today. I may love your performance management software and not need your payroll application. Vendors are picking up on that and moving away from one-size-fits-all platform offerings. I would like to see more decentralization, more of a best-in-breed approach, similar to Salesforce (CRM) and an Eloqua (Marketing Automation). People rarely need one-size-fits-all platforms.

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