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Chatbots: The Future is in Your Home [Infographic]

By Marissa Litty:

Odds are high you, lovely reader, passed by a smart speaker on your way out the door this morning. Research shows that one in six Americans now owns some form of this chatbot technology by way of Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. In the last year, ownership has grown 128%. The exponential jump probably isn’t stopping anytime soon as more and more industries adopt the technology into their businesses. In 2016, 54% of developers worldwide worked on chatbots for the first time, meaning there’s a chance this trend is on the incline.

Did you know the beginnings of #chatbots date back to 1950? Check out the incredible history of this #AI here: Click To Tweet

If you’ve been following artificial intelligence trends, this chatbot conversation isn’t your first. You’ve probably been running into or even using chatbots, whether voice activated or keyboard initiated (*gasp* how archaic!), to do your shopping, schedule your appointment, etc.

one in six Americans now own a voice assistant speakerOur partners at Talent Tech Labs have even covered the implications and potential uses of chatbot technology in talent acquisition in their 2017 State of Talent Acquisition Technology. Of course, there is still a lot to learn and even more to develop, so running into this insightful infographic on the history and advancements of chatbots from 16Best was pretty cool.

Don’t think you have anything to learn? You might be surprised. Did you know the beginnings of chatbots date back to 1950? Guess this isn’t another piece of technology you can blame Millennials for popularizing. Also…

  • 80% of businesses already use or plan to use chatbots by 2020
  • 69% of customers said they interact with a chatbot at least once a month
  • 47% of customers would buy items from a chatbot

Scroll on down to see the infographic.

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