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Design 101: Chrome Extensions That Make a Graphic Designer’s Life Easier

As a graphic designer, your web browser can be just as indispensable as the very graphic design software you use. How’s that you might ask? Chrome Extensions. If you don’t already know about extensions, now is the time to learn and to equip yourself with the best ones out there to make your life easier as a graphic designer. Customizing your browser is a great way to enhance your productivity and workflow.


Your web browser can be just as indispensable as the very graphic design software you use daily. Click To Tweet


What Are Chrome Extensions & How Do I Install Them?

Google describes extensions as “small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the chrome browser.” Basically, they are small add-ons that act like mini-apps, each having their own icon, developer, and functionality. You can easily browse and install them directly from the Chrome web store, much like browsing for apps on your smartphone. Once you find a chrome extension you want to install, simply click the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button and authorize the extension. Now your extension will appear next to your search bar as an icon for you to click and use!


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My Top Extensions

My browser is well equipped with extensions that I use on a daily and weekly basis here at Red Branch Media. These save me time in the long run, and will do the same for you. From color pickers to password storage, I’ve compiled my list for you.

Here are my top favorite Chrome extensions and how you can use them too:

  • Awesome Screenshot — For when you need to capture full page or selected screenshots at high quality
  • Chromecast — For presenting, music and anything else you want to cast from your browser
  • Eye Dropper — For quickly grabbing color values from websites without having to use “Inspect Element”
  • WhatFont — For quickly grabbing fonts from websites without having to use “Inspect Element”
  • Grammarly — For instant spell checking and grammar edits
  • Pinterest — For pinning all of your inspiration
  • Buffer — For quickly sharing everything to all of your social platforms
  • LastPass — So you don’t have to remember your passwords and with a click of a button can enter in your logins
  • Colorpeek — For storing color palettes quickly
  • Page Ruler — For getting quick dimensions


Other Extensions You Might Find Useful

Though my list helps me with my graphic design work, you might need differentextensions to help you out. With the thousands of extensions out there, it might be hard to find what you’re looking for. Here are some useful extensions that I found so you don’t have to dig:


The options and extensions are pretty close to limitless. Make sure to fine tune your browser with the extensions that work for you. Even if you’re not sure what extensions you want or need, use my 10 extensions to get you started. An un-customized browser is an unproductive browser. Fill it up and make sure you get the most out of each work day!