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#ClientKudos: GreenJobInterview Creates “Best of Both Worlds” Platform

GreenJobInterview + Mettl = Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

In case you didn’t hear about GreenJobInterview’s partnership with Mettl; don’t worry, Red Branch has the scoop on this need-to-know information.

What Actually Happened?

Online video interviewing platform, GreenJobInterview just coupled up with Mettl, an online assessment solution, to create an integrated platform and improve its current platform. Mettl allows users to measure and analyze candidates’ technical and “people” skills so that better qualified talent can be hired. Now, this skill measuring platform is available in the GreenJobInterview platform suite.

Why Should You Care?

Think about what I just said. Video interviewing meets skill assessments. This is like hiring heaven! This new platform now allows you to:

  • Conduct Skills Assessments in Minutes

A sample question bank provides companies with pre-determined skills and assessment tests directly within the video interviewing platform. The ability to conduct highly sensitive tests from afar has never been simpler. The power of video combined with customizable tests creates a safe environment for employer and applicant and allows for secure testing across geographical boundaries and reliable storage of results for compliance and record-keeping.

  • Combine Intuition & Analytics

A side-by-side view of interview responses and assessment data gives prospective employers a 360-degree view of every applicant, much earlier in the process, allowing for more accurate screening and additional time savings.

  • Compare Candidates & Make Better Hiring Decisions

Mettl assessment data will be available alongside interview information in both products. The combined platform will give clients the single sign-on flexibility they need for easy comparisons to make better hiring decisions.

And there’s so much more… Click here to read the full press release.