Cold Calling Is a Crucial Skill

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Originally posted on July 13, 2012.

Make More Cold Calls with These Simple Steps

Calling_Telephone_ColdCallsCold calling is a crucial skill but man, oh man, can it be tough. In fact, if you’re reading this article, you probably have some experience in how hard it can be. But even with so many social channels available to us, complex and sophisticated sales funnels and CRMs, with email and automated marketing campaigns, lead generation and more, cold calling remains a necessary and impressive way to win new clients and speak with more great candidates.

Here are four easy ways to make more cold calls:

1) Make less. Crazy right? but in order to make more cold calls, you first need to narrow your scope. If your organization is not already using an ideal customer profile, consider doing so. Only calling those customers and potential candidates that fit your ideal profile makes picking up the phone that much easier. Culling your database is not only intelligent but efficient. AJ Kumar of Persuasive says:

One of the biggest factors in the success of your cold calls is how well you’re targeting the people you’re contacting.  If you’re seeing a low success rate with your communications, it could be that you’re delivering your pitch to the wrong people. Read more tips…

photo credit: Helga Weber via photopin cc