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Communicating Employer Brand Through Social Media – Part 1

Take a step back and look at your social media accounts. Think about how a candidate would make a decision on whether or not to apply based off of your presence on social media. Employer branding is part of your organization’s overall brand; it denotes an organization reputation as an employer. Your employer brand is essential to attracting active candidates, converting passive candidates, and effectively “selling” an open position.

Many organizations will use platforms like Yammer or Slack for internal social media interaction to make employees feel valued. Appreciated employees are more willing to share your company brand with their followers than those that don’t. Jason Lauritsen asked a bunch of HR Pros in a recent panel discussion at SocialHR Camp in Omaha, “How are you activating your employees to tap their social networks to grow your brand?” When employees are involved in promoting your employer brand you’re going to reap the benefits. Think about how you can stand out when employees are actively engaged.

These internal social platforms give employees a quick break from work, as well. Studies say that when you give your employees breaks to re-energize at work, 86% of those surveyed agree that it makes them more productive.

So, why would someone want to work for you? 53.5 million Millennials are in the workforce today and they are looking for more than just benefits. In fact, 69% of 2013 and 2014 grads, said they’d rather work for a company that has a “positive social atmosphere” even if it means lower pay.

How can you show your unique value proposition in ACTION? Show off your team enjoying themselves as often as possible. Take pictures of them collaborating, going out for happy hour after work, or even attending a conference. Make your candidates want to be on your team!

There are several employer branding components, but you need to know about your messaging, specifically what you should share on social media. Social media is the most effective activity in enhancing employer brand, it has grown five-fold within five years as the leading medium in communicating an employer brand.

Create and share remarkable text

Share content beyond your product. Encourage your staff to share your content to reach a larger audience. The best way to do that is to compose the updates yourself and send the posts to your employees. Or email them a link of a post you want them to engage with.

Use authentic and unique images

Potential candidates want to see real employees on your website and social media pages. Avoid using stock photography. If your employees are enjoying themselves at work take a picture and upload it really quick.

It’s recommended that you partner with anyone who’s willing to get involved. Tap into content that already exists, like pictures, videos or other marketing material.


Do you want to know what else to share on social media to enhance your employer brand? Stay tuned for part 2 of the Communicating Your Employer Brand Through Social Media series.