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#ContentMarketing Tweets You Don’t Want to Miss

At Red Branch, every waking day involves getting together, strategizing, brainstorming, questioning, analyzing, sharing and mostly, writing content. It’s one of those things we live for, because content marketing is the heartbeat and backbone of your brand and web presence. It’s not just blog content. We’re talking resources in all of its many shapes, forms and lengths, which include infographics, videos, whitepapers, social images, et al. The thing about expert content marketing is it’s never static, which is probably why we love it so much!

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We build from our previous efforts and observations to keep up with all the trends. Do you want to learn more about content marketing best practices? First of all, subscribe to the Red Branch Media blog (duhhhh), but also get involved in online communities like Twitter, Quora and Facebook. Ain’t nobody got time for that? We get it, so we compiled a quick digest of the latest tweets from other content marketing enthusiasts to get you started.

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Content, What Art Thou?

The elink.io (@elink_io) team breaks down what content marketing is by delving into the creation of content, the reasons to implement it and how consumers use it as a resource. Meanwhile, they go over how the right content can even help vendors and companies sell their products and services, while creating a presence for themselves online as a brand.

Learn more about the elink.io perspective on growing brand stories, and the creation and distribution of valuable content.

Now, How Can We Stretch This?

When we write, we need a purpose, goal or the expected outcome of sorts. What are you trying to accomplish with this piece? What actions or feelings do you want your readers to take? This will help give your writing some structure and direct that always important call to action. Shane Barker (@shane_barker), Influencer Marketer and consultant, explains the various types of content out there. He also goes through the stages of content in the funnel and how to optimize it all to catch the readers who matter most to your business.

Learn about Shane’s take on content optimization to increase your conversion rates!

Video Marketing, Is It Worth It?

#DYK 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after they watch a video about it? And 55% of people watch online videos every single day. Paul Henderson (@webweaveruk) covers a few reasons video marketing can help your business, of course in video format. Give it a watch!

Learn everything there is to know about catching people’s attention through quick videos, how it works and why it works!

Making it Your Own

There is a lot of content already out on the internet, so how can you make yours stand out? Companies like TrendsMark (@joinwptips) know how to come up with content that matters specifically to your audience. It all starts by answering their questions and solving their problems. Casting a wide net is easy, but won’t give you a very big impact in the end. Think narrow. Identify your brand, and ultimately ask, “Who cares?” Who really cares about what you have to say and offer?

Follow TrendsMark’s list of questions to help build the rest of your content story.

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Can You Compete with the Rest?

Did you know small things like shortening or customizing sharable links, boosting your headline game and shrinking image sizes can make all the difference in competing for high-ranking content? It’s true!

Learn more with this infographic by ipfcOnline (@ipfconline1).

Creating Your Sales Funnel

BOFU, MOFU and TOFU aren’t just funny terms to say in a professional marketing meeting, they’re the meaning behind each piece of your content marketing strategy! Growth Hackers tweeted an excellent visual to help educate new-comers on how to learn about these stages.

Follow the Growth Hackers (@StartGrowthHack) to discover more marketing genius tactics.

Content Marketing’s Biggest Threat Isn’t What You Think

Fraudulent activity online isn’t new. Unfortunately, it’s not getting better, so readers are even more skeptical when they come across your content. How can you as a marketer make your readers trust you and your message?

Read more from this feature from Influence & Co (@InfluenceandCo) by Forbes contributor, John Hall.

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Lead Generation: How to Drive the Sale Home

We’ve talked about the sales funnel and small details that make big impacts, but are you driving that sale home? Take a look at this infographic from ipfcOnline (@ipfonline1) for a better look on how to close the deal.

This infographic isn’t just full of color and direction, these insights are killer!

Did you learn something new about content marketing? Or did you know all this and just want to share your own expert tips? Cool. Let us hear ‘em on Twitter (@RedBranch). We love engaging and sharing with other fellow marketing gurus. #themoreyouknow