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#ClientKudos: GreenJobInterview Revamps Mobile

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GreenJobInterviewLast week our client, GreenJobInterview, revealed a new mobile app that allows candidates, recruiters and human resource professionals to interview, apply, collaborate and hire in near real-time. And that’s why they are this week’s CLIENT KUDOS!

The GreenJob One-Way mobile app is now available in the app store for iOS and Android devices.

Did you know that 72% of active job candidates are using smart devices to view company sites? With so many candidates using their mobile devices to conduct their job search, we can’t help but think that candidates may also enjoy applying and interviewing through their
phones too! Plus, think of all of the time and Screenshot 2014-05-22 11.41.27money saved from using the GreenJob One-Way mobile app for preliminary interviewing.

Greg Rokos, President of GreenJobInterview, explains how the mobile app works: “It’s incredibly simple to use and allows the recruiting cycle to move faster than ever without losing any of our personal, face-to-face experience.”

Screenshot 2014-05-22 11.41.01The GreenJob One-Way App works like this:

First the candidate receives an email that invites them to an interview on the GreenJob One-Way mobile app. After opening the email on his or her mobile device, they are instructed to download the app. The candidate then signs in with the provided information, confirms the details and can practice interview questions. When they are ready to answer the questions, the candidate submits the recorded video responses. These responses then are sent to the employer.

Ready to download that app yet? Click here to download GreenJob One-Way on iOS or click here to download GreenJob One-Way on Android.

 Read the full release here.