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Creating Rockstars in The Workplace

Originally posted on Peoplefluent.com October 20, 2013.

Improving Company Culture: How to Create an A+ Team

a-plus-grade-on-paperWant to hear the honest truth? Not every employee who walks through your front door is going to be an A-player. Those results are  the stuff of recruiting lore and virtual conference catnip; in the words of some cartoon on the Incredibles, “When everyone is special, then no one is.” It’s sad but true. We’re not created equal. So how do you find the best ones?

Everyone Gets a Trophy

The best part of this little farce is that everyone thinks they’re part of ‘the 1%.’ Everyone pretty much considers themselves  A-players, so count out self-evaluations when trying to interview or review people. Instead, rely on objective assessments and group interviews to get a better and more objective opinion.

Science Wins

Surveys and assessments mean virtually nothing if they haven’t been tested on statistically significant data and developed by folks who know what they’re doing.. So while the newest assessment apps are tempting, look into the validity and psychology behind those apps. Some of them are incredibly detailed and have been subjected to rigorous testing, while others are a ‘Cosmo Quiz’ in disguise. Do your homework. Read more…