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#RedBranchWeekly: Day One & Beyond: Onboarding for Retention

By Alison Wurth:

If you’re overwhelmed with all the intricacies of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, employee retention and so on, rest easy. You are not alone. We’re always looking for the new secret ingredient to having a happy, productive workforce. Turns out – it’s a long, ongoing process. But if you are not onboarding for retention, odds are the position you just filled is about to be open again shortly.

Starting a new employee out on the right foot is the best first step to a great retention rate. If a new employee doesn’t feel connected with the team, their contributions toward company initiatives will be minimal and they could become part of the third of new hires that leave within the first 6 months. This starts on day one. Thankfully, our partners at ClearCompany, Inspire Software and IQTalent Partners have spilled their knowledge on wowing candidates with seamless onboarding and a reason to stick around.

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ClearCompany: Create an Awesome Onboarding Experience with the Best of ClearCompany

side view of two laptops on a deskDon’t think there’s much to onboarding? You’ve got a great candidate – what more must you do? ClearCompany, with their years of research, has it down to a science. They have meticulously gone through every possible onboarding pain paint that can occur and deliver a solid solution to ease them in their Best of ClearCompany series. Seriously, they’ve done their homework and have the stats to back it up. Did you know 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they had a quality onboarding experience? This is pretty valuable stuff. Plus, with a key to navigating to the exact solution you need? Let’s just say this is a resource we’ll be bookmarking.

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Inspire Software: Boost Employee Retention With These 5 Steps

man at desk holding coffeeSo, you found a great candidate and you’ve perfected your onboarding processes, what’s next? In the HR world, we know it is all about retention. You simply cannot satisfy and engage a workforce that is in a constant state of turnover. And productivity during rapid turnover? No way. That’s why Inspire Software did a deep dive into employee retention. From aligning goals, giving feedback, creating a culture of transparency and much more – this resource could completely turn around your productivity. These could be the 5 steps you’ve been looking for. But, don’t take my word for it – read it yourself.

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IQTalent Partners: The IQTalent Story: Our Top 3 Lessons Learned Over 9 Years

IQtalent group photoFor their 9 year anniversary, IQTalent Partners took a look back at what they’ve learned about the talent acquisition landscape throughout their journey. The real question? How was the world of talent acquisition different than they thought when they were a two-man start-up? From leadership success, team-building blunders and sourcing strategies – founders Chris Murdock and Tom Milic give us the scoop. These people know their stuff when it comes to recruiting. But,  it turns out, the lessons they’ve learned from their own growth can be implemented into your own growth and retention practices. This is a real success story that is a must-read.

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