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Don’t Be a Marketing Dinosaur [Infographic]

The marketing industry evolves at a rapid pace. Best practices can change month to month. It can be quite challenging to find the right career path in today’s landscape and standing out from your peers has never been more difficult.

TheLadders gathered information from professionals in the marketing space. The graphic focuses on staying relevant in the current landscape.  Marketing professionals answered a series of questions, including what advice they would give to new marketers based on their career experiences. Along with a depiction of the results, is some supplemental reading every marketer should be familiar with!

Staying ahead of the ever-changing trends in marketing is extremely difficult. Researching information on emerging best practices or new job opportunities can give you that extra edge. It is imperative to never stop learning and keep asking questions. Take some tips from this marketing infographic to make sure to avoid extinction!

marketing infographic

Infographic provided by TheLadders