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Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

WeekendEverybody wants a new romance!

So fall in love with Red Branch Media and its clients. The week may have been cut short, but trust me… we didn’t slack off. In fact, our Branchers pushed out loads of work this week!  From hiring, recruiting and all things HR to marketing and social media; it’s all here!

We’ve got it all…

and we can’t wait to share it with you in our weekend update. Take a few seconds to scroll through our list and select what interests you most. Been a while since you had a good laugh? Sign up here for our newsletter, because you will learn things and laugh excessively. Follow us on Twitter @RedBranch for quick updates on the articles and blog posts we create and share, or check out our Red Branch Media Pinterest account for related B2B marketing, social media, and human resources content!

We had some big wins this week! Here are our top highlights:

Hire Anywhere: GreenJobInterview Expands Hiring Technology with Redesigned, Platform-Agnostic Mobile Application   |   GreenJobInterview Press Release

Our client, GreenJobInterview, released their redesigned GreenJob One-Way mobile hiring application. The app is available in the stores for iOS and Android. GreenJob One-Way allows candidates, recruiters and human resource professionals to interview, apply, collaborate and hire in near real-time.

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