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Fact: Attractive People Are Hired Sooner

Originally posted on Recruiter.com July 19, 2013.

Putting the Cadillac out Front

medium_3722308661Have you ever dated someone based on their looks? Have you ever bought something from someone just because they were good looking? Have you ever hired the better-looking, less qualified candidate? Yeah, me neither. But it turns out the rest of the world has. Shocking, I know.

Well the perks of being good looking just went a little farther. Aside from a higher likelihood of obtaining lower interest loans and general preferential treatment, beautiful people can now join an exclusive site for recruitment purposes.

BeautifulPeople.com launched as a dating site specifically for peer-rated good looking people in 2002 and now they have branched out into recruiting…the next natural step. Huh?

Well it turns out they’re kind of onto something. Initially BeautifulPeople.com was ripped apart by the public because of the discriminatory nature of the site. As online picketers wagged their finger at this elitist dating site, their numbers and success grew. It is now over 10 years since they launched and soon they will open the doors to their online recruiting site, BeautifulPeople Recruiter, with over 750,000 members.

Existing members on the site initiate new-comers in by voting on their level of attractiveness. You can only gain membership if your peers decide you are good looking enough to join.

Here are some not-so-shocking statistics from a Psychology Today article on the success of beautiful people:

Attractive people…

  • earn an average of 3-4 percent more than people with below average looks.
  • are hired sooner.
  • get promotions more quickly
  • are higher-ranking in their companies
  • often bring more money to their companies and, therefore, are more valuable employees.

As recruiters navigate the site, they are met with a login page that states, “Numerous studies have shown that consumers tend to respond more positively and are more receptive to attractive people. If your company specializes in sales, is in the service industry, or has regular face-to-face interaction with customers – first impressions are all important.” Read more…

photo credit: Jillian Xenia via photopin cc