This Week At Red Branch: Recruiter Fatigue, The Big Win and A New CEO

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We have been very busy writing and posting all over the internet for clients this week. Here is a quick glance of what we’ve been up to at Red Branch Media.

This week on Recruiterbox: Maren contributed a fantastic article explaining the importance of building a relationship as an HR or Recruiter with the Marketing department.

Making Friends With Marketing: Why, When and How

If you’re new to hiring, it may come as a shock that one of your biggest advocates might be in another department entirely. That’s right, it’s time to make friends with Marketing!

Why (you ask with that perplexed look on your face) Maren, WHY would I need to make friends with the marketing pros at my company?

 They get attraction in a big way

Half of recruiting and hiring people is attraction. And shockingly, folks in HR or even recruiting, don’t always see it this way to begin with. You need someone in marketing to explain how your message will look to your “target market” (which is really your candidate pipeline) and what sort of “buying behavior” (job history and online activities) you should be looking for. Attracting people is something marketing does every day and they can help you get better at it in your recruiting efforts. Read more…

We wrote an article for Wowzer about how the time of day or week can affect the success of your interview.

How Lunch Affects Your Hiring Judgment

We’ve warned candidates about the challenges of interviewing with tired or hungry recruiters, but ultimately we’d like to remove all bias from hiring decisions.  This will require the leadership of talent acquisition teams to change recruitment processes that are vulnerable to bias.  Here are a few interviewing pitfalls to be aware of and our recommendations for removing bias:

Your first interview, every day

The very first interview of the day is bound to be the one in which you are just Timeofday_Interview_Recruiter_Hiringgetting into your groove (or maybe haven’t had enough coffee). You don’t want some poor candidate walking into a situation they are bound to mess up because of your bad mood or unpreparedness.

Even if you’re a morning person or one of those great recruiters who sets everything up perfectly for the following day before leaving the office, unpredictable commuter traffic can trip up candidates who are on their way to early-morning interviews. Read more tips…

Our friends over at Careerminds announced a promotion this week. Sabrina Basht will now be Careerminds CEO.

Careerminds, a leading virtual outplacement firm, has announced a new leadership structure to oversee the company’s growth.  Sabrina Basht, who has been with the company since 2011, has been appointed CEO, effective immediately. The current CEO and founder, Raymond Lee, will serve as Chief Product Officer and expand his focus on ensuring that Careerminds continues to provide a superior virtual product and service.

“Raymond and Sabrina have added tremendous value to the business.  Now is the right time to align their positions to support the growth of the company.” said Jack Gavin, Chairman of their Board and former President of Right Management.” Read the rest of the press release..

Maren spent the week in New York City at the 3rd Annual Employer Branding Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.07.17 AMConference, put on by Universum Global, a research firm dedicated to brand insights for employers. Here’s just a taste of what she learned #ebc13

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