Get Creative With Your Work Environment

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Originally posted on July 24, 2012.

Fostering Creativity Isn’t THAT Hard

Creativity_Mickey_Disney_WorkplaceFostering creativity. It’s sort of something that has remained elusive. Except for a few companies that are the supermodels of this behavior, most of us don’t feel like our workplace is tremendously creative. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to find the creative bone in some companies’ bodies.

But just because it’s harder to find doesn’t really mean that creativity is any less important in these industries than in others right? In fact, in a creativity drought, it may be even more easily “soaked up” by parched workers. Here are some ways to foster a creative work culture inside a workplace that’s an innovation Sahara.

  • Incubate. Incubation is the process of “not thinking so hard” for lack of a better term. When you allow your thoughts to just flow, you are more likely to have “light bulb” moments. I can almost hear the CFO and operational types now, hyperventilating about their bottom line and paying their workers to NOT THINK. Incubation isn’t for everyone, but even one employee was able to approach a troublesome problem in a new way, this might make believers of the most hardened skeptic. Read more…

photo credit: Abby Lanes via photopin cc