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Get Ready for HR Tech Conference 2015

Every year we get super excited to ramp up for HR Technology Conference. There is always an abundant of preparation that goes into us attending. This year is no different, except that we are taking an unfamiliar face with us. Shaley Mckeever, our Strategic Growth Manager, is attending this year’s conference. Shaley has been at Red Branch for a while now, but attending this year’s conference will be nothing short of an amazing experience for her and the team. While I have been able to prep her (so she knows what to expect), that doesn’t help everyone else attending for the first time!


1. The Wifi at Conferences NEVER works


Buying the best routers and modems out there with the fastest speeds and that still won’t be enough to support an entire conference. We can complain about this as many times as we want, but it’s still always going to be a problem. Especially at HR Tech, which as of 2014 had 8,000 attendees. With all the devices that either run solely of wi-fi or other devices that support wi-fi, there is bound to be an issue. My tip is to use your phone’s network during the conference and save the wi-fi for your hotel room.


2. Bring a charger


A lot of vendors like to host charging stations or give away portable chargers, which is great, but you should still bring your own. You don’t realize how much you go through when you need to be connected 24/7. My go-to is to charge my phone and Mophie all night, then I pack my charger in my backpack with both cords so I can charge on the spot in case I lose Maren.


3. Meet as many people as possible


It’s always important to network and meet as many people as possible when you are attending a conference. What has helped us in the past is by arranging those meetings before the actual conference. That way you have a set schedule and can also make time to hit the expo floor or attend sessions. Be sure to save yourself some free time to relax while you’re there too.


4. Wear comfortable shoes


Seriously this is huge. If you are standing on the expo floor all day or walking the 2-mile long hallway multiple times daily, your feet are going to hurt. I have seen some women start with heels and switch to flats soon after, so bring an extra pair with you.

Guys, I am sorry, but we just have to deal. It’s good to elevate your feet when you are back in your room either when resting or sleeping.


5. Use The Hashtag


#HRTechConf is going to be your go-to hashtag. Check it consistently for updates, highlights, contests, parties and everything in between. It’s the simplest way to connect and stay updated while you’re running around. People are also using the swarm app (not many), but some people still like the thought of using Foursquare’s Swarm App. My tip, tell those that still use the Swarm app to move on. Foursquare is dead and gone.


If you have any questions or need support at this year’s conference please reach out to the RBM team. We are happy to schedule a meeting, support your company or even stop by and hear your product pitch. Check out this page to get all the details of what Red Branch Media can to do help you.