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Originally posted July 9, 2012 on

5 Bad Social Networking Habits to Break

Facebook_Dislike_JobSocial Networking is beyond entrenched in our daily lives, both personal and professional. Chances are you got to this article today through some form of social network; the value is clearly established. But like any channel with that much power, comes much responsibility, and sometimes,we blow it. Here are five social networking habits that are sapping your productivity, annoying your colleagues and clients and frankly…making you look bad.

1) The Facebook Philosopher. You know the guy or gal I’m talking about. Someone who posts several motivational statements every day, keeping your feed filled with postcards about “Never giving up” and stating “If you never ask the question the answer is always no.” While the Facebook philosopher means well, two things can be derived by any social passerby when they see this behavior. One, the FB philosopher has way too much time on their hands and two, they are rarely contributing any useful or original thoughts. Stop doing this and if you must post motivational quotes, keep it to one a day. Read 2-5 here…