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#RedBranchWeekly: Guess how many years the average American works?


An entire decade! Our client, Vitru, published an interesting article this week that really puts the time we spend at work into perspective. The average American worker who works 40 hours per week from ages 20 to 65 will work for a solid 10.3 years. That’s insane. However, it really sheds light on how important it is to be educated on workforce issues. Which is why the #RedBranchWeekly is the perfect way to get your dosage for the week. Check out our client highlights, and don’t forget to share them with your social friends!

This week in the #RedBranchWeekly:

TeleworkingGreenJobInterview: Teleworking: The Pros & Cons for Employers

What comes to mind when the word “teleworker” comes up in discussion? You may think of an entry-level 20-something parent sitting on the sofa with their laptop on the coffee table and a little one running around singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”   Read more…

ClearCompany: How to Spot the Iceberg Before You Hit It

In recruiting, icebergs pop up all the time, but some aren’t as obvious as others, and sometimes, there’s no one at the helm to sound the alarm. Icebergs in recruiting can look like gaps in talent, dried up talent pools, neglecting to consider industry trends as they relate to talent needs or letting the competition pull ahead when you’re not watching.  Read more…


Recruiterbox: Habits of the Most Skilled Recruiters: Part Two – The Bad

Has your company seen a decrease in the number of qualified candidates recently? Having a career page and posting open positions to social media isn’t enough. Did  you know that on average 46% of candidates rate their experience poor or very poor?   Read more…


WorkforceVitru: How is Your Workforce Spending Their Decade

The average American worker will work for a solid 10.3 years of their life by working 40 hours per week from ages 20-65. We spend a considerable amount of our waking lives working, yet so many workers report hating their jobs. Yes, “hating”!  Read more…



EmploymentVisibility Software: Cerberus and the Keepers of Employment

The three-headed watchdog for the afterlife, Cerberus, guarded the entrance to Hades. The mythical creature ensured no one entered who wasn’t qualified to do so. He assisted the god of the underworld, not the poor souls who passed by. Just the same, recruiters serve as guardians to the gates of employment.   Read more…


EmployeeHerd Wisdom: Things You Probably Just Did that Tick Your Employees Off

Here at Herd Wisdom, we’re big fans of bringing emotional intelligence into the workplace. Having a heightened awareness of one’s own emotional triggers, as well as those around you, is a powerful tool to hone. Bringing an emphasis on EI into the workplace will often be an eye-opening experience.   Read more…


HR Acuity: Squeezing the Most Out of Your Onboarding Interviews

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