[Guest Post] Public Relations: The Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

Guest Post

Build Your Talent Pipeline with a Strong Public Relations Strategy

You’re a recruiter, not a marketer. So why should you care about public relations? Good question. The answer: You need to build your employment brand. You may not be marketing a product or service, but as a recruiter, you are marketing your company’s open positions. And it follows that the more people who know about your company, the greater the quantity and quality of the candidates in your talent pipeline.

Take our story as an example. Here at Software Advice, we’ve embraced public relations as a key recruiting tactic. Earlier this year, we were featured in a CNNMoney article focused on 10 hard-to-fill jobs. Much to our recruiter’s delight, one of our hard-to-fill positions, Content Savant, made the list.

As a result, we saw an absolute deluge of resumes, and an extreme spike in the number of visitors to our careers page. In the two days after the article was published, we received between 250 and 300 applications for that one position alone.

Number of Applications

Content Savant Applications

To help other companies achieve this type of surge in applications, we’ve put together a list of tactics that we’ve used to successfully in the past build our employment brand and generate interest in our company as a potential employer:

  • Help Yourself by Helping a Reporter Out

  • Raise Awareness About Your Great Perks

  • Seek Out Business Awards

  • Let Potential Candidates Know You Care: Donate to Charity

For more details on how we’ve used these tactics at Software Advice, and to learn how you can too, click here to read the full article.